Fem-Shep Arrives!

The sexy Bishoujo-Galaxy-Saviour

She actually arrived nearly two weeks ago, but finally here’s the blog post ^^;
This is actually the first game-related figure that I’ve bought that hasn’t been bundled as part of a Limited Edition or something. Liara T’Soni (who was my male Shepard’s love interest in Mass Effect 2 and 3) is also available in figure form, however I never quite liked the way her face was sculpted so she is yet to be a part of my collection.

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Chisato Sumiyoshi – Bikini Figure

Food Research Club member bikini mode!

It seems most of the Japanese figure companies this season are stuck in bikini mode, as Chisato Sumiyoshi from the anime Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate released in gorgeous figure form by Alphamax is another such bikini-clad girl to be making it into my room. Though who can complain about bikinis in these dark winter months! Read on for more photos!

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Kirino Kousaka – Super Bikini!

Kirino strips off and shows us a daring bikini!

A figure I’ve been looking forward to for a while, after I loved the anime and had collected most of the top-line figures already. Kirino returns again in this Kotobukiya-figure by kicking off her skirt and throwing her top behind her. It’s both one of the best and dynamic poses in a figure I’ve seen yet one of the most difficult to photograph effectively!

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1/6 Reiko Wingfield Date Figure

Another perfect Tony Taka figure

Not long after getting my first half-cast-off figure, Ninja-Ceptor Ichigo Osanama Jigokuhen, comes this full-cast-off Reiko Date Wingfield from the OVA Fault!!

She’s a gorgeous character from the mind of Tony Taka (Alphamax, SkyTube), with a cute but alluring face and stand-out body to match. Watch out, this post will be NSFW!

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Alvis & Lavie – Last Exile 1/8

I had neglected getting these girls at first, but i'm glad I did

Along with some other loot I got this week, these girls came too! I’m unsure of the anime, but I recognised and loved the art style as soon as I saw them on AmiAmi a while back. I didn’t pre-order them right away, as I was unsure (since I hadn’t watched the series / or seen the original content they’re based from). Then one day they came up for order on AmiAmi again, so I got ‘em!

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Home Doll Meet

My DDS Akira and Jez's Tamaki - tennis girls! One of my favourite shots.

The first of many perhaps? Hope so! ^^ If not at my place, then these will likely take place in places in and around Essex / London or wherever is easiest to get to (and weather permitting).

Today, @JezatronExtra came over with two of his lovely girls: Tamaki – the gorgeous DD idol, and Yoko – the joyful cutie with big hips :P

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