Max Factory Azusa Get

*pucker up*

Long awaited cute/sexy/casual/awesome-pose Azusa Nakano from Max Factory!

I’ve been awaiting her arrival for a while, and now she’s here I’m as happy as a cat! With a…. play thing.

You can view my Loot photoset on Flickr here.

I really love Azunyan in this pose. Casual and cute.

She lazily lounges on that lushes pillow for us to lust over look at her utter cuteness.

But towards the back she adds just that little bit of sexiness :3

Looks like we’ve caught her mid-play.


Come play with me?

The attention to detail is great, including the creases, folds and shading on the pillow. It’s actually quite heavy too, though still hollow.

Ahhhh socks!

As with all Max Factory sculpts, the curves and sculpt itself is absolutely gorgeous. I love her short-leggins and long baggy shirt pairing ^^

So much yellow, so much awesome.

Another view of the clearly gorgeous sculpt. If you don’t quite see it, feel free to look closer… and closer.. and closer.

Omnomnomnom… err ^^;

I personally think she could do with a second pillow around here. I know I personally wouldn’t mind being that second pillow either. :P


The cat is so small yet has such great detail in it – especially the eyes. Props to Max Factory once again.

It's a hard life being a cat.

Simply <3

AZ! :3

Yep, definitely needs a second pillow. The arm badge is awesome XD

Puni~puni~puni pillow

Tiger stripes?

Location of said second pillow. Did I already mention I like the leggins?

Dangle-y thing-y, well the cat loves it clearly.

It dangles.

Come play naow!

Thanks for reading! I’m off to play find a place to squeeze her into my display. The full width of the stand is about two standard-ish size figures wide, so she’ll need some space. Of course you could always display her without the fluffy plinth, I just think it’d be a shame not to since it’s quite unique.

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    • I know what you mean, it’s a little narrow from some angles – but look at her from the right side and she’s adorable XD

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