Home Doll Meet

My DDS Akira and Jez's Tamaki - tennis girls! One of my favourite shots.

The first of many perhaps? Hope so! ^^ If not at my place, then these will likely take place in places in and around Essex / London or wherever is easiest to get to (and weather permitting).

Today, @JezatronExtra came over with two of his lovely girls: Tamaki – the gorgeous DD idol, and Yoko – the joyful cutie with big hips :P

The shot above wasn’t taken on my usual Canon 7D – but instead on my Mum’s new Olympus PEN Lite. I have to say, for a Digital Camera / SLR crossbreed, it’s a mighty fine piece of kit. The lens is great and offers big flexibility with distant and macro shots – all the while remaining pretty much crystal clear with image impressive stabilisation. The 16:9 aspect ratio option is a nice touch too, something I really like.

You can find out more about the Olympus PEN Lite here.

It didn't take long for us to switch takami into some lingerie ^^;

Yoko was wearing a lovely light summer throw, with a pink bow bikini hidden underneath. Tamaki originally came in her default To Heart 2 school outfit below:

Tamaki's original To Heart 2 school outfit, didn't stay on long though

Jez's Yoko looking lovely

Tamaki lays down for some extra shots - gotta love that face :3

Managed to snag this lingerie set off of YJA ^^

Tamaki with Yui's hair!

I think this style and colour really suits her face

My Yui and Nanoha, donning their bikini's decided to join Tamaki and Yoko

Tamaki then switched to her normal hair to join Akira in some Tennis play ^^

Got the sports outfits from Coolcat - so cute and they fit so well!

Tennis Yuri anyone? They’re crossing racquets, does that count? >.>

The Volks' tennis racquets have amazing quality, glad I got them!

Close up of the racquet detail and the bloomers ^^

Tamaki!!!!!! :3 Love this shot - taken with the PEN Lite

Thanks for reading!

If you wish to look at more photos from the day, check out my Flickr Set here. Hope you enjoyed! ^^

4 Responses to Home Doll Meet

  1. Uh!
    As a matter of fact ive just been checking the cool Cat Sport outfits myself and I wondered how they may look on other DDs.
    Which Bust size do your girls have?

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