Robert Tolton


New Site (still a work in progress)

Finally got around to putting a new site together for myself. This iteration is running Craft CMS as a headless CMS using the Element API to serve JSON data to a VueJS / NuxtJS server-side-rendered front-end.

I wanted to keep things really simple and flexible. Right now I just have four types of modules:

  • Text Module (that's this one you're reading)
  • Gallery Module
  • Code Module
  • Read More Module

As time goes on, I may add some more depending on what content I find myself wanting to add, or finding out what works and what doesn't.


One of the reasons that drove me to get this up and running, was Flickr. Not in a good way.

In November / December 2019, Flickr sent me an email, stating that some of my content had been flagged as copyright / not of my own creation and that I should remove it. That's fair enough, I thought, if I've made a mistake somewhere. However to my knowledge everything I've ever added to Flickr has been a photograph I have taken myself. I had not used it to re-host any images or media.

So I replied to the email, asking a simple question: "Which media are you referring to? I'll be happy to remove it!"

No response for several days, until a generic "You broke the rules, but we can't tell you why." message came back. Same from Flickr's Twitter-based support to. No help to identify what media was the issue. All-the-while the clock is ticking in the background to the deadline of them deleting my account.

So the deadline comes and goes, my account is still active and I forget about it. It's only a few days later that my account actually gets removed. I can no-longer login or view my profile. Contacting support again merely results in another message of "You broke the rules, but we can't tell you why.".

Baring in mind I have been a paying "Pro" member since near the date I very first started using Flickr, this was a bit of a slap in the face. I resigned myself to the account being lost, with no recovery.

Except, some time later, my account miraculously comes back! Despite their own FAQ and support outlining that this was an impossibility. So my account is back, in "Pro" status until that lapses in May 2020.

Instead of Flickr, I want to try and move my images here and use this going forward.